Los Colores del Tango: Part II

By:  Joel Baker, Oksana Schuppan, Prachi Parmar, Kate Minnihan


The artistic nature of the Argentines can be witnessed immediately upon roaming the streets of Buenos Aires. Due to the emotional and sensual passion of Argentine culture, the arts are an integral part of daily life in Argentina. Between street dancing, artwork, and nightly tango shows, the arts bring meaning and life to the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The majority of artistic phenomena revolve heavily around the passionate movements portrayed by the tango. Upon arrival, we witnessed tango first hand in the streets of La Boca. There, we saw Argentines performing through music and dance and witnessed various depictions throughout mixed media including paintings, sculptures, woodwork, and accessories. All thanks to serendipity, we were even able to meet Guillermo Alio face-to-face, a renowned artist whose work has been showcased in McGraw Hill textbooks internationally and who has expressed his passion through unique dance and artwork. For instance, Senior Alio spoke of his work, dancing on a canvas, his feet painted red and black, mapping the very footsteps of the Argentine tango. Today, he sells his paintings, large and small, in the street markets of La Boca and teaches tango in the evenings inside a quaint and colorful cafe. We were fascinated by the immense creativity and blunt passion as exemplified by this man’s story and believe it to be unanimously apparent when wandering the streets of Argentina.


dance 1                                dance 2

During our stay in Buenos Aires, we were also taken to see El Querandi: Historia y Esencia de Buenos Aires, a show presented only after our own personal tango lesson. By experiencing the movement and passion required to perform just a simple eight count of choreography, we were able to appreciate the difficulty as well as the creativity that the dancers showcased during their official performance. The degree of improvisation well exceeded our greatest expectations. The dancers´ ability to feel the music and change their movements accordingly proved that this dance is much more than just a few simple steps. The group of students was surprised by the the length of our evening, specifically the tango performance. The stamina necessary to complete an hour long choreographed dance proved just how much the Argentines are willing to sacrifice for the love of tango. What an amazing experience it has been, roaming the streets and soaking up the night life of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

dane             dance 4

What a beautiful city and what a colorful history. Many thanks to the talented artists who have opened their souls to the world. It is because of them that we have had the pleasure of experiencing the purest, most resonant form of Argentine passion.


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