May 16th- Midnight in Paris

What a day. I’ve said “what a day,” “what a time to be alive” or both every single morning at least once. I think I’m bothering everyone. This day, though, was special. It was our last day in France. We had some free time this morning, and then a cooking class tonight. What a day.
On the agenda today was to see the catacombs and to buy some art; check and check! My “art” is just a poster but it was really neat. I’ve also bought and sent like 25 postcards. The catacombs today were amazing. We waited in line for hours, but it was well worth it the wait. We were actually really nervous towards the beginning. Climbing down, down, down underground was nerve wracking, We were the only two down there. There were just silent halls and tunnels. No bones, even, for a while. There were scary, dark, gated areas too. I just kept thinking of that movie where they go to the catacombs and end up in Hell. Nice.

Beware, This is the Kingdom of the Dead!

The tunnels weren’t too cold, but it was very damp and the ceilings dripped water from who knows where. Once we finally reached the bones, believe it or not, everything was less creepy. There are 6 million bodies down there. 6 million skulls 6 million skulls and who knows how many bones. Some people steal bones. WHY??
I’m really glad we went down there. It felt like a once in a lifetime experience. This whole trip has.
The cooking class great, but different than I expected! I thought we’d all work on every part of the meal, but not so! We were split into groups; one of eight, and one of 20. I was in the (surprise, surprise) the pastry group. We made delicious chocolate cake, with pistachio ganash. The dinner was so good; I had a poached egg for the first time ever. Yuck… It was so slimy. Not my favorite. It was still a great dinner, and it was just so utterly fun. Our group on this trip was the best. The dinner groups were great. I’m never going to forget it. What a perfect last dinner in Paris.

That pastry life

I had a couple goals for this trip: cultural perspective and knowledge, new and stronger relationships and trying a ton of new things. Escargot, foie gras, euro Fanta (don’t ask), macaroons, and absinthe (sorry mom). I definitely achieved them all! What an incredible experience. I feel like a better person for this trip and this class. I hope this blog is what you’re wanting to see, Mary Beth! I would do it all again in a heartbeat, and I wouldn’t change a thing.
On our perfect final evening in France, we grabbed a few bottles of wine and champagne and headed to the lawn of the Tour Eiffel. We celebrated as a group- there was music, dancing, laughing and genuine happiness. We watched the Tower sparkle at midnight, then eventually headed back to the hotel.

What are these orbs? Am I haunted?

What a perfect end to a practically perfect trip.

The curtain goes down on Paris tonight.

Eternally hoping for an encore,
– Maddie


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