From Berlin to Dresden!

Yesterday we started off the day in a somber sort of mood by visiting Sachsenhausen, a concentration camp. It was really upsetting to see how things were and learn about the history of the different concentration camps. It was very sad to see and while I’m glad I went, I’m happy it’s over.


Luckily we shared a group meal afterwards to lighten the mood. We got to eat at Berlin’s oldest restaurant, Zur letzten Instanz, opened in 1621. Everything on the menu was accompanied by white asparagus which was pretty tasty!


Today I left Berlin……to travel to Dresden!!

After getting to Dresden by train, we toured the Radeberger Brewery! We learned all about how the beer was made, filled, packaged and then sent out. Afterwards, we got the chance to try a sample.


In the afternoon, we went toured Volkswagen production plant! It was so amazing. It was so clean and organized. I really enjoyed this part! (And I totally want to own a Volkswagen now)!


After that, we did a short city tour of Dresden. It was very quick but nothing short of amazing. The weather we beautiful and the architecture was completely incredible! I will definitely be visiting Dresden again someday.

My time in Dresden was short lived, but amazing, as expected! I’m loving every moment of this trip and cannot wait to experience the rest of Berlin!


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