May 11th- Working on the Night Trail

Today was one I’ll absolutely never forget. It was so unforgettable! Wow, okay redundancy. We visited Emeric François in his workshop today, and although I was feeling anxious because I don’t know fashion and a bit weird because I don’t really care about haute couture… But he was absolutely fascinating. He epitomized what I want to be in life. He was creative, innovative, and (excuse my language) didn’t give a shit. He threw convention out the window to conduct business exactly the way he pleases. That’s what I want to be.
When I told my mom I wanted to be an artist, she told me no…t unless I got a business degree. That way I could follow my passion and still make money. I am never going to forget François because he is exactly the way I want to be. He never does anything he doesn’t feel passionate about, and I respect the hell out of that. I hope to garner enough respect one day to be able to turn down clients like Lady Gaga and it not kill my career. I just am not used to seeing someone just… Well… François rejected fame. He had so many chances at it, but because it does not follow the business model that makes him happy, and is not what he values. Stateside, it’s so rare to find someone who turns down fame and mega riches just for his own passions. In my age group especially, people seem to only care about “fame.” Twitter fame, YouTube fame, Instagram fame, that real, seemingly unattainable, celebrity-status fame. I don’t think it matters at all.

A visionary and a cool thing I saw on his desk

A couple new and interesting things happened to me today. We went to Notre Dame… It was absolutely stunning. I even climbed the 422 steps to the top of the tower. The view was incredible… I took a BUNCH of photos, I’m even making sure to take some with myself in them (that’s for you, mom). I know I’m not religious whatsoever but I felt compelled to pray. It was kind of strange, but it was a good experience.

Proof that I am taking pictures featuring myself.

After we left, I ran into the kind of thing I’ve been warned about… A petition. I didn’t fall for it though! And nobody picked my pocket! Ha! We visited the lock bridge as well. I felt a bit… Melancholy. It’s okay though, because (apparently) we all feel that way sometimes? We also had quite the experience on the metro. It was our first time riding, we had no idea where we were, we went the wrong way at first… But eventually we figured it all out.

I don’t care about that, look at this

A few observations about today: naked women in adverts are ok here, while are a big no-no in the streets. Street art/graffiti is pretty common and isn’t really regulated. I’m not sure if that’s a thing in big cities in general but graffiti back home in CO is pretty much covered up and frowned upon. The French don’t care much for tourists. The tourists here don’t care much for cultural sensitivity, local customs or personal space. The metro doesn’t care about tourists.
Tonight, as riding the overnight train to Toulouse. I love the sounds of trains, and I’ve actually never taken one as a means of getting from one place to another. It’s pretty exciting stuff! I’m rooming with John, Amanda and Mary Beth tonight because everyone decided last minute to switch roommates. Joke’s on them, though! These three are most definitely the funniest people on the trip (and I’m not just saying that because they’re my graders, I just actually think so).

Shout out to the best roommates ever!
(Not pictured: Mary Beth)

I’m excited for Airbus tomorrow… And I’m sorry to all my fans (Mary Beth, mom) for posting the least interesting entry on this blog so far. I’ll be funnier and less boring next time!
I say that on dates, too, badum tsss. Now I feel like I’m trying too hard/overcompensating for the lack of jokes in this post.

Goodnight moon, and goodnight train,

– Maddie


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