Watch out Berlin, I Have Arrived!!

     7 hours in the Atlanta airport, 2 trips to Chick-fil-a, a 9 hour plane ride to Amsterdam in the middle seat, and an hour plane ride to Berlin and I have finally arrived! I am completely overwhelmed with everything going on!

I have had a very difficult time sleeping for two reasons, one- my body is on a completely different time zone, and two- how am I supposed to sleep when there is a brand new city and culture to explore right outside my door?!

I cannot wait to tour the city in the morning and scope out where all I want to visit on my free time! I will be staying in a hostel while I am here, which is comparable to a dorm. (looks like I haven’t completely rid myself of shower shoes quite yet…) The hostel is located in the center of Berlin, perfect for exploring the city!

Be on the lookout for more posts coming soon!!


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