May 6th- Coming Soon: 2 Days Away

The trip is getting so much closer; we’re only two days away from leaving. I’m getting everything ready for the trip! I’ve recently come into possession of a fairly nice camera, and I’m trying to figure out how to use it. I really love photography but… the only other camera I’ve owned in the past took film. I mean, I still own that camera, but it wouldn’t exactly be practical to take with me on this trip. I wouldn’t want to lug around film, plus the camera’s pretty bulky. I feel like I’ve stepped into the future with this small but apparently high-tech little thing. I needed something small so that I can keep good track of it and carry it in my bag and everything. I got insurance though… Just in case something happens. We almost bought the waterproof one, but it was more expensive for less quality. Anyways, I’ve been practicing with this one and playing with all the settings and it’s pretty exciting stuff. I’ve taken about 30 pictures but I’ve saved maybe 8. I want to get a lot of pictures in France, just because it’s going to be such a life changing experience and I’ve also never been anywhere like it before. I promise I won’t so many pictures that I forget to enjoy the trip though, I’m not that into photography. I just want to have some things to remember.

First attempt vs. 30th attempt

As the end of this year gets closer, I am partially feeling relief, and partially feeling anxiety. I had so many problems this semester, that I almost feel like I wasted my first year of college. I am relieved, however to get the hell out of the dorms. I am nervous for the trip, especially. I haven’t done much that was worthwhile this semester, but the trip will definitely be something that is. I’m relieved to be leaving, too. When I was in San Francisco recently, (although, admittedly someone who was causing me a lot of stress was the reason I went) it seemed like everything was okay. I know it’s cowardly, but it felt like I was just too far removed from my problems for them to even matter. Now, going to France, I expect it to be the same… Except better. Not only will I be flooded by new experience, but I will have too much to focus on to wallow in self-pity like I have been all semester, but I’ll be able to get some perspective, because I’ll be away.
I’m not sure if this post was too… personal (?) for this particular assignment… But I’m not entirely sure what I’m supposed to write or not write in the first place.

I just checked. I am supposed to be writing about myself. Yay, that’s pretty easy. I don’t have many specific expectations for the trip… but I do have some high expectations that are pretty broad. I am so excited just to be in such a completely different place and culture than I’m used to. I just want to experience as much as I can while I’m there. I don’t know if I’ll ever have a chance like this again, so I want to make the most of this trip while I’m there.

If this is supposed to be about me, I should post a picture of myself

I’ve got a bit of a concern in that as hard as I try to learn French words and phrases, very few of them stick… and there’s no way I could spell them. I know a few phrases, though. I can say “hello” for all the different times of day, and I know “sir” and “ma’am” basically. I can ask if someone speaks English, or Spanish! I know “please” and “thank you” as well as “yes” but I don’t know “no.” Finally, I know the words for “butterfly” and “flower.” You could basically say I’m pretty fluent.
I think that what I’m most excited for is the food. I am probably going to spend more money on food than anything else, and that’s okay. This is a once in a lifetime experience, so why not treat myself?
I’m also extremely excited for the fashion parts of the trip. I have no background in fashion whatsoever. The most expensive clothes I buy are from Target. This will be a journey into the unknown for me… the unknown world of fashion.
We’ll see how everything goes!

Au revior!
– Maddie


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