April 31st- France, the Movie: Prologue

I’m currently 9 days away from leaving the continent for my very first time. I have been to Mexico a few times before, but it wasn’t too unusual because I speak Spanish fairly well, but also we stayed in resort areas so everywhere we were was very Americanized and vacation oriented. Visiting France will be an entirely different experience. I have absolutely no grasp of the language whatsoever, and I am nervous to be going in a group with people that I don’t know particularly well. Whenever I have traveled in the past, I have been with family and once with a very close friend. There have been two instances where this was not the case. Once, when I went to Chicago on my own for a conference on business for high school students, and the other time I went to San Francisco with a group of people I was somewhat familiar with for a tech start-up conference (festival?). One of the parts I’m most nervous for is the flight. I know that once I land in France, my anxieties will be replaced with excitement and curiosity… but prior to that I’ll be ON EDGE. Honestly. I am not afraid of plane crashes or anything, but I am very afraid to fly. I have flown so many times! Even as a kid I loved to fly, so I don’t know what happened. On my most recent trip (to San Francisco), the way out there was hellish for me. I had a full on panic attack in the airport, and nothing was calming me down. Everyone thought it was quite comical, actually. One person actually jokingly offered me marijuana to “help me chillllllll.” I didn’t think it was funny at all. I was a nervous wreck until the plane had landed. It felt like I couldn’t breathe the whole time when we were up there, but then as soon as we landed, my lungs opened up again. Anyways, the point of the tangent here is to say that this will most definitely be the longest flight I’ve ever been on, and potentially the most stressed I’ll ever be while traveling. I guess we’ll have to see. I guess I’ll have to leave some room in my budget for a drink or two on the flight. I’m not actually sure that would help though.

Here’s a picture that I don’t remember taking on my San Francisco trip.
From a plane.
It’s probably not even my picture to be honest, but I found it in my San Fran folder.

Anyways, I’ve already started packing and planning for the trip. I have planned out every outfit I will be wearing with a few interchangeable ones to account for weather. I love packing! Is that weird? The anticipation is building with each day. I think that since I had to pay for this trip myself, with very little help from my parents, I’m even more excited than I would be if someone had just paid for it for me. I’m currently working my first job ever, (not by choice, I’ve been applying for the past two years and nobody’s hired me… I’m getting better at interviews though!) and I’ve only been working since August, so it took a lot of saving and a lot of self control… online shopping is so hard to resist…
On a side note, I accidentally navigated away from this page and onto Google Translate, but luckily the post saved. Thanks Blogger!
I think I’m most excited for the food aspects of the trip. The fact that the trip had “food” in the title is actually the reason I picked this trip over all the others. I’m in business school right now to make the money I need to open a business or two, then put myself through culinary school. So you could say I’m pretty pumped that we get to visit the open air markets, and all the little food shops, and the wine and cheese thing. Plus the cooking class, holy cow. I’ve taken one cooking (sushi) class in my whole life and it was an amazing night. I know that this trip to France is going to give me some perspective on global business, even though my focus will be local business in school and in life… but I think it’s important to have global perspective in general. It’s humbling.

 I Googled “France” and these both popped up, so I guess these are my expectations for France.

That’s all for tonight.

Signing off,


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