Berries, Berries, Lots of Berries!

Today, Friday, we went to the Driscolls berry test plots. This was such a good time! We left Cordoba early this morning, and took a long bus to arrive outside of Sevilla to the farm.

Blueberries! Unfortunately, these were not ripe enough to eat.

Once we arrived, we were told that the site was a test plot for farmers in southern Spain to come and view, and see how the berries were grown. They also test the different strands of berries to see which ones are the best.

Rows and rows of delicious berries!

The best part about the adventure was getting to taste the strawberries, right off of the vine! Never in my life have I had such sweet, perfect strawberries before. They were unbelievable.


Needless to say, when I get home, strawberries will not taste nearly as delicious as these. At least I will know I can trust Driscolls and their farming practices. They do not use GMO’s or any other modifications on their berries, only the natural cross selections of berry strands to create the perfect daughter strand.


After our visit, we ventured to Sevilla, which was by far my favorite city. What a beautiful place! I wish we could spend more time here!

Tell me this isn’t breathtaking.

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