The Alhambra

Today, Tuesday, we started off the day by visiting a ham, wine, and cheese shop in Granada. It was absolutely delicious! I really enjoyed learning about how to properly evaluate the taste of wines. I also enjoyed the live demonstration of the slicing of the iberco ham.

Enjoying the first glass of wine at the Tasting in Granada.

The owner of the store explained how you can know what separates a good ham from a bad ham. The thin slices that are more pink in color are not as salty or flavorful, however when we tasted them I still thought they were delicious! After tasting this ham, we were then offered the prized Iberco ham. This ham should be a deep red-purple color with a nice shine from the oils in the ham. It is also important to see thin fat striations throughout the slices. This fat is what makes the ham so tasty! After tasting these two hams back to back, the Iberco is the clear winner. It has a very salty, delicious flavor, unlike any other ham I have had before!

Listening to the butcher discuss the qualities to look for in a good Iberian ham leg, and how to properly slice the leg.
The delicious Iberian ham.

Later on in the day, we visited the Alhambra. I have never been so amazed by one location in my entire life. This was by far my favorite tour. It lasted three hours, so I was glad I wore comfy shoes, but it was worth every minute of it! Our guide was very knowledgeable and passionate about the Alhambra.


The Alhambra was a city in Granada that was run by the Muslims, but was handed over to the Christians in 1492. I gained a real understanding and appreciation of the Muslim religion and values by viewing their architecture. Muslims are not allowed to have any sort of visual representation of God, aside from words and symbols. The Koran does not allow them to do so. In the Alhambra this resulted in beautiful archways and carvings like nothing I have ever seen before.

One of the ponds at the Alhambra. Also, look in the background at the detail in the seven arches that are pictured, how beautiful!

There were also many Orange trees that decorated the Alhambra, This is because the Koran describes heaven as a place filled with oranges, therefore decorating your space with oranges would make it more like heaven.

This was my favorite day, because of the Alhambra. Granada is a beautiful city, and it is amazing that the Alhambra has been there for so many centuries, a constant reminder of the past and the rich history that Granada has.



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